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Establishing the bridge between the producer and the End user , by providing multiple of choices that suits your resources and budgets .

Enlighten you with a complete market analysis based on accurate and vital informations .

continuous follow-up of procedures related to the field of work , whether formal or logistical procedures .
providing air and sea freight services to many destinations around the world 


Providing full tourism and medical tourism services accompanying all the procedures related to your convenience and satisfaction .

Providing the best flight offers and hotel reservations through our smart partnership with HABOOB team .

Specialized in the field of medical and cosmetic tourism by contracting with several leading hospitals inside and outside istanbul . 

Providing accommodation and housing services , in addition to transportation services .

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providing the best consultancy regarding buying – selling – and renting apartments by a distinguished team of experts and consultants .

Direct selling services from the companies executing the projects and sites .

Direct leasing services from the original owners .

Exploratory tours of projects in various regions inside and outside istanbul. 

Why choose us :

With experience gained through real effort , preserverance and hard work   we offer you the best consultancy and solutions that suits yours dreams and capabilities .

We do not conduct short term gain , We seek a long lasting partnership 

2 Years Experience

5 Star Rating